Fox Entertainment Signs Roseanne Barr to a Morning Show Opposite ABC’s “The View”

The critics have spoken, and Roseanne Barr is absolutely hilarious. “The funniest show I’ve seen in years,” said DKT Entertainment Editor Joe Barron, ” Roseanne is a breath of fresh air.”

Fox agrees. The network has signed a 3-year, $40 million deal for the actress and comedian to run a morning show opposite “The View.” FOX Entertainment CEO Art Tubolls said the decision to hire her was easy:

“After we saw that standup, we were sold. It was the best thing anyone has done on a stage in a long time.”

Roseanne’s show included such groundbreaking material as “my children are libtards” and “my parents tried to set me up with my cousin, but that’s okay because everyone’s parents did that.” It’s not the average comedian who can make an entire crowd that uncomfortable all at the same time and then pull them back with a stinger about bootstraps.

We asked a few of our taters what they thought of the show. MerrianNbob Mitchell said, “we tried to watch. The thingy said we had to download an app and pay $5.99. We’ll wait til it comes out on cable.”

Unfortunately, it won’t likely ever be put on an actual station, because in reality, it’s fairly embarrassing. Like Gina Carano and the bad movie embarrassing.

Rumor has it Roseanne is considering fired unwoke actress Gina Carano, coincidentally, to be on her panel.

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